Triple Goddess Mittens – EKA

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Triple Goddess Mittens-Mittens-EKA

Triple Goddess Mittens

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Mittens with the symbol of the Triple Goddess embroidered onto the palms. The symbol represents the three phases of the moon as well as the phases of a woman's life -maiden, mother, crone. 



The Maiden - Waxing Moon

The Maiden is inspiration and creation. She is what it feels like to enjoy the simple pleasures of the world; to smell a rose, to watch the grass sway in the wind. She is the creativity behind innovative ideas. She is the innocence that sees the world with positivity and light. The maiden guides us to our spiritual centre.


The Mother - Full Moon

The Mother is nourishment and fruition. She is protection and responsibility. The Mother is where we are in life when we truly learn consequences and responsibility. When we are in this place we will learn self-discipline and patience. The Mother also teaches us how to give and receive love.


The Crone - Waning Moon

The Crone represents fulfilment and endings. She is wisdom and death. The Crone represents learning the cold hard truth and the wisdom that comes from it. She is the death that occurs so that new growth can form. She is grounded and powerful in her experience and assuredness. Without her, there is no birth.

These mittens are a bit longer in the cuff than the usual style, if you have small hands please let me know and I can find some a bit smaller for you, these are great for people with medium to large hands. 

26cm full length including cuff, 11cm across fingers, 8cm long thumb.