10 Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2023

Writing this on International Women's Day, I'm reminded how much we have all of the generations of mothers to thank for the world we live in today and of all the support we still need to move towards a better world for our daughters and grand-daughters ♥️

March 19th is Mother's Day in the UK and 14th May in the US this year. 

Mothers Day card with flowers and different skin tone options


I love this MOTHER'S DAY CARD, it even comes in 3 different skin tones to be truly personalised and just perfect.

She deserves the world, no gift can sum up her worth but I've collected some thoughtful gift ideas and am going to tell you why I think they're perfect (you can then see if they are perfect for your mum too) - all are available on Etsy from other UK sellers.
Etsy Mother's Day Gift Guide
Here's the ETSY MOTHER'S DAY GIFT GUIDE packed full of gorgeous gift ideas made by small businesses around the world.


Great gift for creative mums

THIS POT MAKING KIT  would be perfect for a creative mum, but I was thinking, why not get this so YOU can make her something great to gift on the big day, there's nothing as thoughtful as something you've made with your own hands.


Make a pot for mother's day gift

This kit comes with all you need to make something really cool for her. It's air dry clay, so make sure you allow a couple of days for it all to dry before you hand over your creation.

Love is the flower you've got to let grow 

Crocheted Flower Kit


This kit is one of the first I put together, it's a lovely little posy with video tutorials along with the written instructions. You can make it for mum, or give her the kit so she can enjoy the fun of making her own EVERLASTING FLOWER POSY

For a less DIY but just as thoughtfully handmade gift

Embroidered Flowers in a hoop


THIS BEAUTIFUL EMBROIDERED HOOP can be personalised with a message of your choice. Does your mum have a favourite saying or a line from a song she's always humming? Those would be great things, or maybe you've already had a brainwave of what message you'd have embroidered inside? All you need to do is write that to the seller when you order and your hoop will arrive all finished 


Stacking rings with birth stones


If your mum loves jewellery

I have a couple of gorgeous ideas for her. THESE STACKING RINGS come with all the birth stones, I'm imagining these would be so perfect for mums with grandkids, one for every little cutie in her life. Imagine how touching it would be for a new dad to buy one of these for a new mum - one with her birthstone and one with the stone of her little bean? (serious dad gifting points for this one!)

 New Mother Stacking Rings with birthstone

From birth stones to birth flowers

THESE BIRTH FLOWER NECKLACES are beautiful pendants, get yours with your mums birth flower engraved on it.


Birth Flower Pendant Necklace


Here's a chart to find out which flower your mums necklace needs.

what's my birth flower?

For the cool hippy mums

Quartz bracelet

These QUARTZ CRYSTAL BRACELETS are just what she needs to centre herself and be reminded of how well you know her style. 

Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of Tea!

Handmade mugs in bright colours


I love great mugs, I find it hard to imagine anyone that drinks coffee or tea not absolutely LOVING the gift of a COOL HANDMADE MUG for Mother's Day. I feel like it creates and invitation for more quality time, more tea drinking and more cosiness in life, a real gift that keeps giving.

"Whatever you choose for your stationery is your favourite color because it’s where you pour your heart out" -Mary E.Pearson

 Personalised notebook with poem on the front

If your mum is a note maker, a journal writer, or just a list lover. You can't go wrong with a BEAUTIFUL NOTEBOOK. This one can be personalise with anything you like embossed on the front. I love the idea of your favourite biscuit recipe (hint, hint haha) 

For the art loving mamma

cool art prints on wall, bright coloured


Do you have a special place you have both made memories? or just somewhere you know mum has left a piece of her heart? these COOL DESTINATION PRINTS are so perfect for cool mums out there.



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