10 Scandi Home Style Tips - Curating a home that you'll love.


Creating a Scandinavian-inspired home is all about simplicity, functionality, and coziness.

You'll have heard the word 'Hygge' no doubt - the dictionary meaning is - "a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being" - but how do you bring that into your home in an easily achieved way?

I've got some tips to inspire you, pick and choose which you like and make sure you keep things 'you' at the same time, there's nothing 'cosy' about a home straight out of a manual, the parts of you that you highlight are the magic.

  1. Clutter-Free Spaces: Keep your home organized and clutter-free by incorporating smart storage solutions like wall-mounted shelves, multifunctional furniture pieces, and hidden storage compartments. Scandinavian design values simplicity and minimalism. 

  2. Light and Neutral Colours: Start by painting your walls in light, neutral colours like white, soft greys, or pastels. These colours reflect light and create a sense of brightness and airiness. Teamed with textured accessories and good, ambient lighting, it's the foundation of 'hygge'.

  3. Minimalist Furniture: Opt for simple, clean-lined furniture pieces with a focus on functionality. Scandinavian design prioritises minimalist furniture that is both practical and stylish (Pine is especially popular right now). Functional design is a hallmark of Scandinavian style, where form follows function.           

  4. Natural Materials: Incorporate natural materials such as wood, leather, and chunky cotton or wool to add warmth and texture to your space. Humble materials like concrete and sandstone work well too as they have a neutral colour and tactile finish. Wooden floors, furniture, and decor elements are key to achieving a Scandi look. 

  5. Cozy Textiles: Add warmth and coziness to your home with soft textiles like throw blankets, tufted rugs, and cushions in muted tones. Look for chunky knit or crocheted blankets or sheepskin rugs to create a welcoming warmth and texture.

  6. Functional Lighting: Embrace natural light as much as possible and supplement with soft, ambient lighting such as pendant lights, floor lamps, and candles (turn that 'big light' off! ; ) Good lighting is essential in Scandinavian design to create a bright and inviting atmosphere.

  7. Nature-Inspired Decor: Bring elements of nature indoors with plants, botanical prints and natural decor accents like wooden bowls or stone sculptures. Nature plays a central role in Scandinavian life and design, connecting the indoors with the outdoors is important.

  8. Hygge Factor: Embrace the concept of "hygge," a Danish term that encapsulates a feeling of cosiness and contentment. Create inviting spaces that promote relaxation and well-being, such as a cozy reading nook with a comfy chair and soft lighting. Maybe a little meditation corner too with your mantra / manifestation engraved onto a macrame wall hanging.

  9. Personal Touches: Finally, don't forget to add your personal touch to your Scandinavian-inspired home. Display meaningful items, handmade decor pieces, or family photographs to make your space feel truly yours.

  10. This one might not feel important but, to me, it's one of the main parts of that feeling of 'Hygge' - find a hand made mug or 10 and make sure you choose your favourite every time you grab a cuppa, the small details that you surround yourself with all have an impact on your experience of that moment. Curate a life you love to live, the rest will take care of it's self 😉


 The main thing is, work out what the most important things are for you to have around you and then clear out the rest. Try to keep the colour palette muted with maybe 2 pops of colour max. The natural materials within the room will be your features and allow you to enjoy the simple beauty of a lit candle and a bunch of hand picked flowers from the garden.

It really will feel like you have a tidy mind and just wait for all the creativity it will inspire, I warn you now! 😉

Head here if you'd like to see what interior design pieces I have on offer for your Scandi inspired home. 

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