Easy DIY Macrame Tutorial

Follow my easy macrame tutorial, you'll learn 3 knots with me and we'll put them together to make a simple macrame wall hanging that looks great in your home, or makes a lovely gift! There are two ways to learn, either follow the film tutorial below, or the written instructions (below film)

What you'll need

  • 1 stick or dowel rod
  • 1 length of thread or thong for mounting the hanging on the wall (this can be some macrame rope if you like)
  • about 16m of macrame rope.

Ok, time to learn the knots!

1. Larkshead Knot - 

Larkshead Macrame Tutorial

First of all, cut the macrame rope into 8x2m lengths. Fold them in half then place the stick over the top looped part of the folded rope and pull the ends through the loop, this will attach the rope to the stick in what we call a larks head knot. Repeat this with all 8 lengths of rope. 

2. Square Knot - 

 Square Knot Macrame Tutorial

Get 4 single threads (2 of the larks head knots) and separate them so 2 strands sit together in the centre (these don't move for the duration of this knot, you can tape them down if you want them to stay stable) Move the thread on the right hand side up and away from your work for a moment, then take the thread on the left side and cross it over making a 4 shape. Now take the thread on the right (which you had moved out of the way) and take it on top of the tail of that 4 shape, under the two centre threads and then up through the centre of the 4 'hole'  ...pull tight and you've completed the first part of your square knot.

Now we are going to work the same knot but on the opposite side, so grab the left hand thread and move it up and out of the way for a second. Take the thread on the right hand side and cross it over the centre two, creating a reverse 4 shape. Now take the left hand thread over the tail of that reverse 4, under the two centre threads and up through the 'hole' part of the reverse 4. Pull tight et voila! - you have made your square knot!


3. Josephine Knot - 

Macrame Tutorial Josephine Knot

This one is tricky to explain and get to grips with, but such a lovely knot, I feel like you NEED this in your life, so here's how it works. In the video I've described it in a slightly different way, try both versions and see which clicks best for you.

Get 4 threads again (same as the square knot, 2 of the larks head knots) 

Loop the right hand threads over to make a lower case d shape. Then loop the left hand threads over in a lower case b shape. Then grab the tail ends on the right hand side and go down into the hole of the b grabbing the bar that crosses at the back of that hole, put the tail ends under this bar then up and out of the hole of the b. Then grab the tail ends on the left side and put them down through the hole of the d and out the back. 

Geez, that's hard to explain, I'd definitely recommend looking at the slow mo video of it to check its working for you!

Now just watch the video below to see where the knots go on the hanging and don't forget to have fun with it, add more if you feel like it, it's up to you now!

I'd love to see your makes, post them on insta and don't forget to tag me @ekawear ♥️


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