Fresh Interior Tips For Spring


This time of year feels like the perfect time to update the space we live in, especially now we're spending so much time in there!

Our immediate environment affects us so very much, we all know how colours and design affect our mood, that favourite coffee shop you feel cosy in or that hotel that feels perfect for switching off and relaxing. Odds are, it's the design of those places that  played a big part in helping you feel that way.

So why is it that we often forget to apply the same ideas to our environment at home? 
Do we need to step back for a minute to take a look from another angle perhaps? - Is it that we are too close to it to notice until we get it right and BAM we see how different we feel when we're in that've had that revelation too, right? 

Here's 3 of the things I think about when I'm designing a room or trying to create a different aesthetic : -

Research your choice of colour, be it paint, interior details or soft furnishings, the different moods each colour nurtures are an important thing to plan out depending on the use of the room you're designing. Just as important is the power of limiting colour, using a tight colour story can give a certain hue the pop it needs to make an impact. 

Lighting is almost more important than colour tbh, if you have the lighting sorted, you can create a feel in a room without changing much more. But let's just keep things simple. Find out where you need good brighter lighting (near a desk or reading chair for example) and then other areas around the room that need to be lit up. I guess what I'm saying is, let's ban the 'BIG LIGHT' in the middle of the ceiling, it's usually just depressing and ugly to have that on unless you're cleaning. Split the room into lighting zones and get a lamp of each space. Another thing is to make sure you get the right wattage and colour of bulbs to create the feel you're going for, this page on Which? is great for learning more about that.

Now to think about the accessories you want to furnish the room with, I'm thinking wall art, cushions, window blinds/curtains or whatever you want to soften or accessorise with to really complete the look. I'd advise trying to stick to one colour story or theme and then, if you have the odd item you love like a painting or a cushion, which doesn't fit, it will be framed well and the space won't look like too much of a jumble. I love it when there's a punctuation in a design that doesn't go with the colour theme or design, like a bold painting or cushion or throw  in a monochrome room, it's the perfect neutral backdrop.

I have now launched The EKA Pattern Club!
I have been working on this for so long it almost feels like old news, but it's literally just a week since my first pattern went live, it's an easy/intermediate 'Make Your Own Mittens On A String' pattern that is supported by the Pattern Club on Facebook. I have so many plans in motion for guest workshops and fun community stuff where we can crochet together and I can help with any questions you might have, grab a pattern to get your exclusive invite.
Until next time, happy springtime everyone!

P.S - did you see the steam coming from the mug up there? - I'm pretty proud of that little detail, not gonna lie 😉

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