Influencer Spotlight - @HarryMargotandMe

I'm launching a regular blog series spotlighting some of the humans on Instagram that I love and chatting to them about what gifts they'll be buying their loved ones this Christmas.
First up, I had a little 'virtual' catch up with Elise aka @HarryMargotandMe and she shared a bit about her experience of 2020 so far, the things she will be prioritising this year with a few gift ideas for you too.
HarryMargotAndMe Instagram
Hiya Elise, give us a little intro about yourself-
Hi, I’m Elise, mum of Harry (4) and Margot (4 months) from Salisbury. We’re a pretty bog standard family, I often think we’re a bit boring but the children still keep me on my toes. We live on the edge of Salisbury Plain so love being outside exploring - give me countryside over a busy city any day! Having a baby in lockdown has been pretty tough, throw a very energetic toddler into the mix and let’s just say the last few months have had their challenges, but Instagram has been my little safe haven - from meeting and talking to loads of wonderful humans and making some amazing friends to just browsing and getting ideas for the kids rooms, I love that it’s a place I can turn to for advice and inspiration.
Do you have any favourite traditions (as a family or just you) at this time of year?-
I’ve always loved Christmas, I think people are so much more cheery and friendly around this time of year, it also makes me realise how lucky I am to have the things I do. I think we can all reflect and be grateful and give back where we can. Last Christmas we announced our pregnancy which was absolutely magical especially after suffering a loss the year before. We don’t have much in the way of traditions but I’m hoping as the children grow we’ll start doing certain things year after year.  I just want to keep the magic alive for as long as possible! ✨
scandi baby nursery hanging
Will you be buying differently this year?
This year I’m trying harder to buy from small businesses and to also buy and behave as eco friendly as possible. I actually can’t stand going shopping so the fact most of it will be done online is a bonus. Im also doing my best not to buy for the sake of buying - My family do a Secret Santa every year which saves so much money and stress, everyone still gets to give a gift and receive a gift but there’s not that feeling of needing to panic buy for everyone.
Personalised Dreamcatcher wall hanging
Have you noticed any big changes for yourselves from this crazy year of 2020?.. if there was a way to make a positive change from all this, what change would you like to see in the world?-
We’ve definitely had to adapt this year, not only with the current situation and the changes of everyday life but as a new family of four. There’s not been much time or need to plan ahead for things so we’ve been taking each day as it comes and trying to enjoy the little things, that’s something we’ll absolutely be carrying on with. After all it really is the little things in life!
Which items from the EKA collection are you thinking of gifting this year? and who to?-
•Animal booties - these are the cutest little hand knitted booties ever. Who doesn’t love a baby in animal booties? My friend has just had a baby boy, these would be a perfect gift for him. 
•Dream catcher - beautiful bespoke dream catchers that become the focal point of any room. These would be a lovely addition to any house and would make a wonderful house warming gift. 
• Set of Macrame Leaves - These are right up my street when it comes to cute nursery decor. I love anything woven/macrame and these are just the sweetest little leaves. 
• Christmas Stockings - If you’re wanting to update your Christmas stockings and have something timeless look no further. Both designs are beautiful and would be perfect for all the family. 
handmade baby booties gifts for newborn
What other small brands or stores do you love and think my readers would love too?-
Shops I love! This was really tricky, there are SO many amazing shops and sellers on Instagram but here’s just a tiny handful of lovely small shops I absolutely adore. Some I’ve purchased from, some I have a wish list as long as my arm;
Scandi Nursery Toys
puts so much effort, time and love into everything she makes.
House Of Hooray
House of Hooray- Statement nursery and home decor. Even if you’re not a fan of colour you’re going to want one of these pennants in your home. Also check out Gabrielle’s new unique Christmas tree topper flags - stars and fairy’s can get in the bin!
Roack and Roll Art A-Z
Gem Pang Illustrations - I have about 5 pieces of wonderful art from Gemma, she’s so so talented and creative. Everything she draws is beautiful. 
Thanks so much for chatting with us Elise, it's great to hear your views on supporting small business and what it's been like for you in the UK this year during the Pandemic.
Here's to a great Christmas for your lovely family, whatever it brings!
Until next time xxx

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