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Here's the second edition of my blog series spotlighting some of the humans on Instagram that I love and chatting to them about what gifts they'll be buying their loved ones this Christmas.
Second up is Stace aka @that.makes.six on instagram.
All the eka images here are taken by Stace unless otherwise stated.
.That Makes Six
Hi Stace, thanks for taking some time to chat to me, I know you've got your hands full most of the time! tell us a bit about you-
Hi I'm Stace , a 30 year old mum of 6 (yes, really) . We're always busy, from crafting, walking to just running round. I love crafting and theres nothing i can't do...ok I cannot knit to save my life , but screen printing, sewing, laser cutting... you name it, creating is my game.
mittens on a string
Do you have any favourite traditions (as a family or just you) at this time of year?
Christmas is just magic for us as a big family , illuminated walks , making Christmas cards and paper snowflakes , picking the Christmas tree...and not forgetting our most favourite Christmas films...not that we ever agree!
heart slipper socks
Are you buying differently at all this year?
We certainly buying less and more ethical this year. Since last year we made the choice as parent to become vegan (the children aren't but do have more meat free meals) in looking into this we found more and more scary facts about the impact we have on the planet, so we're buying less plastic, buying things that pass down, things that are ethically made and last longer.
smiley face mittens
Have you noticed any big changes for yourselves from this crazy year of 2020? if there was a way to make a positive change from all this, what change would you like to see in the world?
I think this year has taught people more kindness and the lack of community we have in this modern era. How much we can do for our neighbour and just how much we could need them one day. I think we have a new appreciation for family and friends, for the freedom we take for granted.
(image by @mrs.jenny.king)
Which items from the EKA collection do you think tick those 'gifts to buy' boxes?
The yes no mittens are a must have for every mum, i adore mine and they have given us endless laughs.
The twinning slippers are a wonderful gift for mamas to be, matching with the tiny human you just made makes your tummy all fuzzy and warm.
The EKA crowns are a slice of magic, for the fancy dress box, a birthday boy or girls or an amazing take on party hats at the Christmas table, i cant think of anyone who wouldn't want them.
and finally, the 'thumbs up' smiley mittens. I love when were out for a family walk and I ask if everyones ok and i'm met with 10 little smiling thumbs up. The kids like to do little finger puppet shows with them too, the voices make me chuckle till my belly hurts.
Do you have any great small businesses you can share that create brilliant things we can gift this year?
I could honestly go to town on other small brand i adore, but to pick three:-
Thicket and Thimble Playmat
Fall With Grace Clothes Hanger
Maileg at Eva and Rose
Thanks so much for your time Stace, wishing you and your gorgeous big family the best Christmas, full of laughter, Christmassy craft projects and vegan mince pies 😘
For anyone interested in hearing more from Stace, she writes a great blog full of craft and design ideas. 

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