Hi Friends,
you are officially the first to hear about my latest developments, it's usually a new collection or discount, but this time it's something bigger....I'm so excited to tell you, I'm having a REBRAND! 


I've gone all in and I'm not going to lie, it was scary, but it's been such a fun process working on it with Carmit at 
She worked from my sketchbook drawings to create packaging designs and elements for my website (soon to be updated.. I told you that you were the first to hear - I literally can not keep a secret 😂)

I'm sure a few of you wonder what brought this about, well, these last few months I've been doing a lot of reviewing, asking myself some questions to make sure EKA is aligned with who I am and what I want the brand to represent / where I want to see it develop, what I want it to 'be', you know? 
The ethics behind the brand are important and that's taken a back seat for too long now as we grew, now it's time to bring that 'substance' back.
I hope the new branding will bring some of the magic.
One thing I realise is that I LOVE working together with other creatives, everything feels better when you work on things together and your strengths are magnified, the excitement factor is something I'd almost forgotten about! It's given me so many more ideas for things to work on together with others in this little community of ours too.
What kind of things inspire you? I've been chatting on social media about some of my collection pieces and telling the stories of where the ideas came from, what sparks imagination for me. Sometimes it's a person, sometimes it can literally just be a feeling or a memory, tiny things that inspire a bigger picture.

I've got a little game for you, can you guess which items the following things inspired in the collection? Click on the images to see!



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