Get Your Last Minute Gifts on Etsy For Christmas!

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Have you left it to the last minute again? like me?

I plan, every single year, to get my s--t together and buy early, but every single year the 'last post dates' start looming and I realise that I've not got my presents sorted yet, at all!

Well, thankfully, there are a plethora of amazing UK sellers on Etsy that can deliver your gifts in time! (get your orders in asap though and double check the sellers shipping estimate when you place your order, just to be sure!)

Here's a list of a hand ful of the amazing things on offer with speedy delivery-

Betsy Benn Paint Chip Wall Planner

1. Get 100% sorted for 2024 with this gorgeous wall planner that not only keeps you organised, but doubles as a great interior design piece at the same time! 


2. These lovely Parkin&Lewis planters make it so much easier to see what you have planted and where.

The lovely pastel shades add a pop of colour while you are waiting for everything to bloom.

£10.00 for a set of 4.

3. It feels like I'd like to get one of each colour of these lovely handmade linen pillows. I know for sure, anyone into 'cottage style' interior design would find a lovely spot for one or two of them too!


handmade PErsonalised Stocking

4. This festive Personalised Striped Christmas Stocking is perfect for children this holiday season. Fill it with toys and candy for a Christmas morning surprise made truly special by the beautiful stocking on the mantle piece.


 5. This wall hanging is a great way to update an interior. Made with resin in tortoiseshell, the minimalist abstract shapes dangle down and sway in the breeze.

When hung at a window, the tortoiseshell resin is slightly transparent so the light shines through and shows the mottled colours beautifully.


7. Incense has made a big come back, have you noticed? 

Two of my favourite things are White Sage incense, (which I've found on etsy at an amazingly good price!) and a great incense holder to make the whole experience delightful. If you check out that incense, it's for a selection of scents, but the White Sage is amazing, get some now and thank me later! ; )

Incense Holder £8

Incense £2.69

Incense Holder

Rose Quartz

9. Crystals, always a lovely gift, that keeps on giving! Rose quartz is a variety of quartz crystal that is believed to promote feelings of love, compassion, and peace. It is often associated with the heart chakra and is said to encourage emotional healing and balance. 

£6.99 for 4-5cm sized stone.


10. A gift list from me would be just wrong without a mug on it. This one is handmade using white stoneware clay with a dreamy colourful glaze. Just perfect for a morning brew to put a spin of positivity on your day!



If you'd like to check the Etsy Editors Picks out to find your own gift ideas, click the image below.

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