Unusual and Perfect Gifts For Mums - The Mother Wild Gift Guide

Mother Wild are a lovely group that I am so happy to be a part of.  It's hard to describe in one paragraph what it is we do together, but thinking, discussing, pondering ideas together, giggling and supporting each other is pretty much the recurring recipe. 

They have put a great gift guide full of the groups amazing melting pot of brands and talents.

Basically, here are some of my amazing friends, scroll through and be dazzled! 😌

1. Thick + cozy heart slipper socks, handmade with love by EKA

2. A personalized astrology reading by the mystical Sarah Basha

3. Pre-order your copy of Spectacular Sisters by the very talented Aura Lewis. Aura is part of our Mother Wild Illustrator Collective + we LOVE her books, The Illustrated Feminist + Gloria’s Voice!

4. To feel relaxed, calm and centered: a healing Reiki session with the serene Karryn Miller

5. “The Lovely Haze of Baby Days” playfully reminds new moms they’re not alone, written by mother of 4, Lindsay Kellar-Madsen

6. Yoga and coaching from the inspiring Bex Kelly

7. Evocative art created by Deedee Cheriel, who is part of our Mother Wild Illustrator Collective

8. Dream analysis with the insightful Carmela Fleury

9. Custom illustration artwork by the divine Guady Ramon, who is part of our Mother Wild Illustrator Collective

10. The digital Autumn Wellbeing Kit from Abi’s Journal

11. A soothing bedtime story for sweet dreams by Rachel Ferguson

12. The perfect inspirational armchair travel read by author Judith Fuhrmann.

13. A one-of-a-kind "My Eye Mandala" created by Rhonda Seiter and imbued with spiritual significance for the reciever. Email: for details

14. A Scentsible Frequency virtual healing session with Soul Coherence Guide and Licensed Spiritual Healer, LeeYen Anderson. 20% off with code MOTHERWILD at checkout

15. Gorgeous macrame and weaving by the skillful Lotte Bond

16. The decadent Body Box Giftbox from Twinkle + Twine (New Zealand only)

17. For a mother who could benefit from being mothered + would enjoy being a part of our global community, a subscription to Mother the Mother Monthly.

 See more about Mother Wild - here.

Enjoy discovering all the goodness and thank you for supporting small businesses!

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