Ok so that sounds an impossible task when you first think about it, right? Spiritual Manifestation is the theory that through regular meditation and positive, constructive thought, you can make your dreams a reality.

But I challenge you to try this for a while and really try to notice all of those little things that start coming together as you work towards bringing things into your life. If nothing else, you will feel a lot more positive in general, and who wouldn’t like that?

We all make tens of thousands of choices in a day, so if you are reminded of your 'end goal' then those decisions can help you get to where you're aiming, simple as that really. But I like to imagine magic is in there too, let's not make it boring now! ; )

So if you want to give this a go, I’ve got a 5 point guide to make it simple.  

LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE - find out what you want and make it as specific as possible. Meditation and visualisation can really help with this if you don’t feel like you can picture what will make you truly happy. Pick something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy or super excited and spend some time really focusing in on the details. It can be a ‘thing’ or a feeling, you choose, but have a good long think about those details as if you are drawing a picture of the future, you know? 

ASK THE UNIVERSE, write it down somewhere you will be reminded of it frequently. On the fridge maybe or by your desk. This will help you focus on it and also to let the law of attraction do it’s magic.

MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES  - Small changes will happen naturally, submit and go with the flow, let the universe do it’s work. 

 BE THANKFUL -Don’t forget to take notice and acknowledge the things that come to you and help bring you closer to your goal. It feels like life is about making sure we notice all the magic around us, that thankfulness feels like a worthy exchange for all the gifts we receive. 

LET GO OF LIMITING BELIEFS - this one will get you, it’s a toughie and I feel as if we’re all on a mission to get over our limiting beliefs about ourselves, what we’re capable of and what we’re worthy of. If you feel as if you are on one of those ‘plateaus’ try to work out if it’s a fear you have about getting the ‘thing’ you’re working towards, are you trying to make yourself small because you worry what others think of you? do you feel like it’s not ‘you’ to be able to do that? or are you repeating an old pattern you’ve lived through from childhood? perhaps you’ve always been told by someone that you ‘’aren’t successful’’ or that ‘’nothing should feel easy, rewards come after hard work and suffering’’ … I could go on and on with these! 

I challenge you, if you get to this point, to confront what you hear being repeated in your head and try to discuss it’s logic so that you can pick away at how to overcome it. If you have a limiting belief about yourself your mind will find a way of stopping you successfully getting what you want. 

If you want a beautiful reminder of your intention each day.

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