Catching Dreams - Where it all began

Dreamcatchers: Beautiful wall hangings and ancient-inspired manifestation tools 

Dreamcatchers with etched manifestations


Several products in the EKA are inspired by a century-old indigenous tradition with rich history and many different interpretations.

Here's a deeper look into where it all began to provide you with the story behind our dreamcatchers and wall hangings, as well as a manifestation exercise to accompany your home’s beautiful new art piece.

¨The teacher explains that negative energies and influences can alter the path of your life¨




Traditionally, the hoop of the dreamcatcher is made from a pliable bark, and can represent the sun, or the continuity of life - without a beginning or an end. A beautiful Lakota legend explains the web of fibre nimbly woven into the hoop. In the story, a teacher of wisdom visits a Lakota spiritual leader in the form of a spider. The wise teacher weaves his spider web within the leader’s willow bark hoop while speaking of the cycle of life. The teacher explains that negative energies and influences can alter the path of your life - but can be caught in the web of a dreamcatcher while allowing positive ones through to guide you.

Another guiding use of the dreamcatcher is for manifestation. Like many of our modern day traditions, the vision board used in manifestation is also rooted in Indigenous culture. Goals and dreams are wished into feathers and hung below the dreamcatcher, which serves as a daily visual reminder of one’s incoming manifestations. Obstacles are caught in the web, while supportive ideas are waved through by the feathers.

Similar in spirit to the traditional dreamcatcher feathers, EKA’s inspired wall hangings can be engraved with unique etchings to infuse them with your dreams, serving as your daily manifestation reminder. We offer the following exercise to be used in tandem with your wall hanging, to fortify your spirit and home with your intentional aspiration. If this idea is new to you, you might like to read our 5 easy tips on manifestation first :

  1. Sit comfortably. If your space allows, sit across from your wall hanging, or in the same room. On the floor on a pillow with your back against the wall is great!

  2. If you are able to, maintain visual focus on the wall hanging or dreamcatcher during the exercise.

  3. Take 10 slow, deep breaths, or use your favorite guided meditation. This meditation is a beautiful 6 minute relaxation using Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) language.

  4. If you have not yet set a manifestation intention for your wall hanging or dreamcatcher, use the peace cultivated by your meditation to listen for your intuition’s desires. What is it asking for? Be patient. This may take a moment if you aren’t regularly in touch with your intuition. Allow your spirit to clearly communicate what messages it would like to tie to your art.

  5. Once you are clear on your manifestation, or if you have already set an intention, focus on energetically affixing it to your wall hanging or dreamcatcher. Take a few minutes to visualize your manifestations as though you already have them here, today, then send those visions to your piece. Watch in your mind’s eye as they dance among the threads and affix themselves.

  6. Regularly return to meditate on your wall hanging or dreamcatcher, and to visualize your manifestation as it comes nearer and nearer each day.



We hope you enjoy the beautiful gift of Indigenous-inspired art in your home! May all your manifestations find you quickly ♥ 

...the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round. In the old days, when we were a strong and happy people, all our power came to us from the sacred hoop of the nation and so long as the hoop was unbroken, the people flourished.”

(Black Elk Speaks, pp. 198-200) Spiritual Advisor to the Oglala Sioux in 1930


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Carly Basso Written by guest writer Carly Basso.

Carly is a jack-of-all-trades creative living on unceded sylix/Okanagan land in Kelowna, BC. She specializes in expressive writing, photography, and video production. Find her performing her daily acts of resistance on Instagram.


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