Make Your Own Crocheted Crowns

I'm not sure you need this, but I've made a persuasive list for you of some of the benefits of making these beauties:-

  1. Feel happy in creating a unique accessory: A crocheted crown can be a unique and eye-catching accessory that can be worn for special occasions or to add a touch of royalty to any outfit 👑.

  2. Gorgeous personalised gift: If you have a friend or family member who loves crochet or enjoys dressing up, a crocheted crown can make a thoughtful and personalised gift (embroidered names on the side are a favourite over here!) 🎁

  3. Stress relief: Crocheting can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity that can help reduce stress and improve mood. The repetitive motions of crocheting can also help to calm the mind and reduce anxiety ✌🏽.

  4. Skill development: Crocheting a crown can be a challenging project that can help you develop your crochet skills, including learning new stitches, techniques, and patterns (with all the support you need from me in the Pattern Club!) 🧶

  5. They're low cost: Crocheting a crown can be a low-cost project depending on the materials you go for. There's only 50g needed so you can use bits from your yarn stash easily. You can also upcycle old clothing to create a truly sustainable piece ♻️.

  6. Creative outlet: Crocheting allows you to express your creativity and imagination by choosing colours, colour swaps and styles to make a crown that reflects your personal style 👨🏽‍🎨.

  7. Social connection: Crocheting can be a social activity that allows you to connect with other crafters and share your skills and creations with others in the EKA Pattern Club ♥️.


I've got two patterns to choose from on sale, one with a single tier, which I think is best for beginners and another, two tiered design which is perhaps more of an intermediate project, but seriously, both come with assistance from me in the Pattern Club, so go for which every you prefer, it'll be fine.

Once you have your pattern downloaded, I advise you print it out. There's a QR code on there which will take you to the Pattern Club joining page on FB. On the pattern I've stated the thickness of year needed and the size of hooks.

We start with a simple ribbed stitch for the lower band, here's a video for that (both left and right handed tutorials shown, click which ever you need)

The next row is quite an important one, if you get this one wrong, the rest of the crown will be super hard to get right. I've made a little video to get you up to speed with that too-

Not got your pattern yet? Click here to download.


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