Pattern For EKA Crown-Crafting Patterns & Molds-EKA
Pattern For EKA Crown-Crafting Patterns & Molds-EKA
Pattern For EKA Crown-Crafting Patterns & Molds-EKA
Pattern For EKA Crown-Crafting Patterns & Molds-EKA
Pattern For EKA Crown-Crafting Patterns & Molds-EKA

Pattern For EKA Crown

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Here are the patterns to show you how to make my best selling Crowns!

These are downloadable PDF patterns. When you place your order I'll send you your pattern to the email address provided at checkout.

From baby to adult sized, the patterns tell you how to adjust the sizing to make crowns of all sizes and includes images to give you a 'step by step' guide through the trickier bits. 

These patterns translate for both UK and US audiences, with image guides for both left and right handers too.

There are two designs here to choose from, one more simple design (red in pictures), with one tier of peaks and one more intermediate project with two tiers (yellow in pictures and film) -though I am on hand to help if you join the club! see below.

There's also an option to purchase both together for a reduced price 👑

As with all my patterns and kits, you also get to join my 'EKA Pattern Club' on facebook where I am on hand to chat and answer any questions you have at all.

Please bear in mind that this pattern is for personal use only, not for resale in any capacity.
It is a downloadable file and does not include any of the materials required to make the crown.

Your pattern is a digital file that will be posted to your email inbox once your order is processed, not posted to you, please print out if you would like to work from a physical item. 

Click here if you'd like to buy a kit with all you need to make your crown.

Or click here if you don't have time to make yours and want to buy the finished article instead?

Available with images for right handed or left handed crocheters and also with UK and US terminology.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Barbara Rockwell
My thoughts

I purchased this pattern for a lady who crochets hats for newborns. She has made hundreds. I showed her the pattern and she loved it. She will probably be crowning little girls now!

Sabrina Z
Frustrating but beautiful!

Wonderful looking item. I am an experienced crocheter, 45+ years, while following this US terms pattern I had to frog several times on just the headband part alone. Then the instructions for crown part ended up making twice as many points as shown in pictures, culminating in a floppy ruffle.... I ended up frogging that too and just figured out stitch counts by closely looking at picture and doing my best to estimate. End result was fine but it took 5x longer than it should have.

Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to review your pattern. I have reached out to see if I can work out which part was confusing, just in case others have the same trouble. I can assure you, my intent is definitely not to frustrate customers.
I wonder if you clicked through and watched the tutorials for each part, or just used the written pattern?

Mrs Jiskje Randles

really cute


Haven’t made it yet

jackie purcell
Golden crown

I love this! Very unique design. I'll be making a bunch of these.