The Swedish Philosophy of 'Lagom': A little balance can go a long way!


'Lagom' teaches us to appreciate the beauty of moderation and simplicity in a world that often pushes us towards excess.

Have you ever heard about the word/philosophy of 'Lagom' in Sweden?'s a concept that could benefit people all over the world and it fascinates me - 'Lagom'. Pronounced 'lah-gom', a term as Swedish as meatballs and ABBA. But what does it really mean, and why is it so appealing?

What is 'Lagom'?

In a nutshell, Lagom is more than just a word; it's a lifestyle philosophy that encourages us to live with intention, balance, and harmony.

It's a Swedish word that doesn't have a direct translation in English, which makes it all the more intriguing. At its core, 'lagom' means 'just the right amount', 'sufficient', or 'balanced'. It's about finding harmony, not too much, not too little, but just right. It reminds me of the Buddhist 'Middle Way'.

The Art of Moderation

In a world that often glorifies excess, the idea of 'lagom' encourages us to embrace moderation. Lagom teaches us to strike a balance that feels just right. It's not about deprivation or settling for less or taking more than we need; it's about finding contentment in simplicity and moderation. Knowing what is 'enough'.

Embracing Sustainability

One of the most beautiful aspects of 'lagom' is its emphasis on sustainability. In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the philosophy of 'lagom' encourages us to live in harmony with nature by consuming resources 'lagomt' - just enough to meet our needs without being wasteful.

'Lagom' in Daily Life

How can me incorporate 'lagom' into our daily lives? here's a couple of ideas -

  1. Simplify Your Space: Decluttering your living space can help create a 'lagom' environment where everything has its place, and there's no excess clutter weighing you down.

  2. Mindful Consumption: Before making a purchase, ask yourself if you really need it. Adopting a mindful approach to consumption can help you embrace a more 'lagom' lifestyle.

  3. Work-Life Balance: Strive to find a balance between your professional and personal life. Remember, it's not about working harder but working smarter and finding time for rest and relaxation.

  4. Quality Over Quantity: Whether it's food, clothing, or experiences, focus on quality rather than quantity. Invest in things that bring you joy and add value to your life.

The Global Appeal of 'Lagom'

In recent years, the concept of 'lagom' has gone past the Swedish borders and been noticed globally. From books and blogs to lifestyle trends and wellness practices, people around the world are embracing  'lagom' as a useful guide to a more balanced and fulfilling life.


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