Triple Moon Goddess Hecate, Celebrating the Phases of Womanhood

This new addition to the collection is close to my heart. You all know that I only make things that are, but this one is a bit of a personal favourite.

🌒🌕🌘 It's the symbol of the triple moon goddess, on slipper socks and mittens. Do you know what it means? I didn't for so long, if I'm honest, I kinda just associated it with hemp clothing and incense sticks - both of which are great, but I'd definitely pigeon holed everything in with that 90's styled 'hippy', you know?

Well, I'm now educating myself and reclaiming the Triple Moon Goddess symbol and hopefully giving it a brighter light to shine beneath. 

Hecate Triple Moon Symbol on handmade slipper socks

The Triple moon goddess, rules over the phases of womanhood.

It is represented by the triple moon symbol. The three phases of woman it refers to are maiden, mother and wild woman*

Each phase is represented by one crescent moon, each representing a different stage in a woman's life and also the stages of a woman's cycle each month.

Maiden is associated with purity and innocence; mother with fertility; wildness with sexuality and power.

Each phase brings its own gifts to a woman's life.
Maidenhood is a time when she is developing her identity as an individual, learning how to navigate the world on her own terms and becoming independent from her parents.

In contrast, motherhood represents creativity, nurturing and love. It is a time when she learns how to take care of others (and hopefully herself too, it does feel a lot like this selfless mother archetype needs updating, don't you think?)

Finally, wild womanhood represents strength and power. This stage allows women to find their voice and use it to speak up for what they believe in--and also helps them learn how to fight back against injustice when they see it happening around them.

Hecate is the goddess associated with witchcraft and sorcery, but also with crossroads, which were considered sacred in ancient times. She is a goddess of women's power and women's phases of life, the crossroads that come when she transcends from one to the other.

Here's a few moon phase inspired gift ideas on Etsy for those Maidens, Mothers and Wise Women you are lucky enough to have in your life. 

Beautiful Triple Moon Rings from Physisjewelry
This wall garland by BlissDecorations looks amazing in metal, already thinking about it for over the bed at home.
I can't help thinking about how nice this sweatshirt would be for springtime outside skate sessions.
This is one of my pieces, a resin wall hanging with shapes that look reminiscent of the moon's phases.
This calendar is a lovely way to keep track of the cycles of life and nature during the year, with all of the moon cycles on there so that you never need miss another epic full moon again!
I love that I'm unashamedly embracing this, for too long I've not let myself celebrate this amazing journey that all women get to experience. Three stages of life and we get to choose how we live each one, who we are and how we feel in this life, isn't it amazing?
*I know that 3rd phase is usually named 'crone' but I'm sick of the negative associations we make with women ageing, I'm reclaiming that one from the internalised misogyny - when you type it into google it reads - "Since the late fourteenth century the word crone has been a term of abuse describing old and bad-tempered women" ffs 🙄.


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