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I've got something super exciting to announce!

I'm launching a new brand (under the EKA umbrella) that will be the home of new patterns and kits. I'm launching this new brand, Ace of Wands on and taking EKA off the site (more news about EKA's destination to come!) 


Ok, so more information about Ace of Wands...

should remind you, you've heard me talk about things like manifesting your desires with macrame wall hangings and creating things with intentions etched onto them, so you already know I'm into the less 'normal' things in life ; )

You know I love all things tarot/witchy/weird and, the other day, when I heard myself describing it as my own form of feminism, the penny dropped, that's totally what it is for me!

Why call a crochet/craft makers brand 'Ace of Wands'? 

..I hear you ask. You know I love all things tarot/witchy/weird and, the other day, when I heard myself describing it as my own form of feminism, the penny dropped, that's totally what it is for me! - All that soft power and connection with nature and the universe and respect for what I see as a fundamentally feminine power. I'm not going to get into the big subject of the 'Witch Wound' or the witch trials, maybe one day I'll give those subjects the space they deserve on here, for now, please give this essay a read, I think it'll open your eyes to the tragedy and 'gendercide' which was afoot in those 'Burning Times'.

OK, serious downer over with. I'll lighten up a bit more now! 

So, why the hell connect witchcraft and crochet?

-they may seem like an unlikely combination, but both have a rich history and offer opportunities for creativity and self-expression and positive intention setting.

In some forms of witchcraft, the use of spells and charms is common, and the creation of handmade items, such as amulets and talismans, is believed to be a powerful way to imbue objects with positive energy.

The act of creating a thing with just a hook and a ball of yarn can feel the same, like manifesting an idea into reality, to put it obviously. 

I like to imagine that crochet can be a way to incorporate witchcraft into our everyday lives.

Crocheting handmade items can be a way to create things that are infused with magical energy and intention. 

Some people may choose to incorporate specific colours, symbols, or materials into their crafts based on the intention of the spell they're working on. Others may use specific rituals or incantations while they work on their creations to imbue them with energy and intention.

For example, you might crochet a blanket with specific colours or patterns that correspond to your intention, such as protection or healing. You might also choose to incorporate symbols into your work, which can add an additional layer of meaning and significance to the finished piece. While we crochet we have so much time to set intentions into the work and charge it with the things we would like to attract more of into our lives. You can think of it as spell casting, or simply setting an intention / working on a manifestation, it's basically all the same thing with a different name tag.

When you’re focusing your mind on a specific intention while you work, you are bringing it to your focused mind, this intention is the pathway towards making a dream or idea a reality.

Crocheting can also be a way to connect with the natural world and the cycles of the seasons. For example, you might crochet a scarf with yarn that has been naturally dyed using plants and herbs that correspond to the current season or lunar phase.

And let's not forget, crocheting can be a form of meditation.

..allowing the mind to focus on the repetitive motion of the hook and yarn while clearing away distractions and stress. This helps to quiet the mind and focus intentions.

Of course, not everyone who's into witchcraft uses crochet in their rituals and spells, haha. Same the other way round, not everyone who crochets is interested in witchcraft or trying to channel the power of the universe! 🤣  However, for those who do find a connection between these two practices, I truly believe that the possibilities for creativity and personal growth are endless. 

Drum roll please, and so to introduce,



- a brand focused on creating craft patterns and kits with the added twist of connecting the creator with her power, a nod to all those women and girls that were punished for celebrating their unique connection to the universe. A little tap on the shoulder from our ancestors who understood how mindset and intuition had the, very real, possibility of making our dreams come true. 

In tarot, the suit of wands deal with the spiritual level of consciousness and mirror what is important to you at the core of your being.

They address what makes you tick – your personality, ego, enthusiasm, self-concept, and personal energy, both internal and external. 

The Ace of Wands represents a 'spark of inspiration', a 'flash of genius', it asks us to embrace what compels us. It tells us to move away from what we 'should' do and towards what we 'want' to do, 


Here's a great article about setting intentions.

There is a special momentum that can only be unleashed when we move in the direction of our desires.

CREATIVITY IS YOUR MAGIC - embrace it, share it, celebrate your power.


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